dream job

Tips to apply for your dream job

    1. When applying for your dream job, whether online or physically, there are some things to consider. This article will give you a list of the things to look at when applying for your dream job.  Read on:
    2. Search for jobs depending on job category. Only apply for categories that you are qualified and of which you have interests. Like for instance, if you love beauty products, you can apply for a job in retails sales of beauty products.
    3. Work timings. Apply for job timings you are comfortable with. Some jobs are 9-5pm but with night shifts which many people are not cool with. People with families, for example, find it hard to keep up with night shifts.

  1. How far is the job from home? It is advisable to find jobs close to your home. Travelling long distance makes you tired before arriving hence negatively affecting your job performance.
  2. Check the number of years of experience required. While some employers are looking for fresh graduates, others want candidates with more than five years’ experience. Watch out for employees who want people with your level of experience.
  3. How much are they paying for the job? If the company is offering less than you want regarding salary, there is no point in applying. Employers are pissed by candidates who ask for higher salaries than the quoted ones during the interviews. At times we are advised to consider a job because of the experience gained. It is worth it, especially in multinational companies. And who knows, your salary might be reviewed after proving your capabilities.
  4. Do not apply for jobs you are not academically qualified for. By qualification I mean either over or underqualified. If an employer asks for a 10th degree while you have a university degree, you are overqualified for the job.
  5. Consider your career goals as well. Some jobs give you an opportunity to grow from a management trainee to an assistant trainee in a few years. Others will keep you on the same level for long.
  6. job applicationSome companies give additional perks like transport, free lunch, etc. to their employees. Such make your working conditions better helping you to save more. The bottom line is, your determination is what gets you a job, if you are making the application because you are jobless, the employer will see it and will in many cases not give you the job.